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Welcome To Masihi Foundation

Masihi Foundation is a globally registered organization. MF works for the care of poor, for homeless, helpless, voiceless; to defend human rights and minority affairs. We are working in the area of health and education in urban and rural areas of the marginalized Countries to eradicate poverty for the communities globally. We are promoting gender equality through the awareness of their fundamental rights to provide shelters and advocacy.

Masihi Foundation’s Mission:
We are committed to provide advocacy, legal representation, educational and pastoral guidance to the underprivileged and marginalized communities. Our mission is to be a voice for helpless and voiceless.

Masihi Foundation believes in strengthening communities by providing education, training and skills that help to equip people to reach their fullest potential. We are determined for a society that is self-aware, violence free, and accepting of itself and others.
We believe in the importance of peace and harmony, because if it lacks community or society can never grow.

Various governments have taken steps to address the problem of illiteracy by introducing free education from grades 1 through 10 in public schools, as well as committing itself to giving free education up to the secondary level.

However in Asia in most of the regions not every child has the comfort of attending school, as a result they could not experience the delight of knowledge or learning. In many cases, children are often considered aged enough to work and to support their family. We are motivating such parents to realize the importance of their children’s education. At present, in the area of education Masihi Foundation is helping many families through educating their little ones. Regardless of their tragic backgrounds these children are gaining immensely and making excellent progress in their school work.

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